A quick introduction to the Demo Account

Because this is a Demo Account, there may be others playing at the same time, so don't be surprised if the Waiting List you are viewing changes even though you are not doing anything.

You can go through the motions of most actions ie click on buttons and access any of the menu items, but we block the ability to save changes so that the Demo Account setup is not disturbed.

You can to text-in to add yourself to the Demo Waiting List/Queue.

This will add your name, but for privacy reasons we do not collect mobile numbers here, since multiple people might be playing in the Demo Account at the same time.

In your actual MemboQ account, your Waiting List will show names and mobile numbers.

Because we do not collect mobile numbers when people text-in to register on the Demo Account Waiting List, the Come In button cannot work for anyone on the list.

You will however, be able to test the Type Message option, and you will be able to make changes to the Waiting List itself.

Let’s Get your Demo Started

To register on the live Demo Waiting List text memboq99 and then your name to 0481 170 070.

Now click the button below to go to the live Demo Account.

Start your demo HERE